Cyprus Tax Planning

During these times of globalization the application of efficient tax strategies which maximize tax benefits is essential. In order to do so, proactive tax planning is required.

WCS can assist both businesses and individuals in such tax strategies.

We could also assist in terms of tax compliance allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

We offer a range of services in relation to the above:

  • Preliminary tax review of the company’s tax position
    Tax review of the company’s tax computation and subsequently of its tax position is performed, as part of the audit, for each tax year based on its financial statements. The tax review enables us to identify any tax risks the company may be facing, assess those risks, classify them at the appropriate risk level and quantify accordingly. The issues identified can be used as a basis for consideration for deciding how a company could conduct its activities in such a way to maximize its tax efficiency.
  • Assistance in submitting the company’s tax returns
    Our firm can arrange for the timely submission of the company’s tax returns on behalf of the company.
  • Liaising with the tax authorities regarding the company’s tax affairs
    Our firm can liaise with the tax authorities, on behalf of the company, for any tax issues that may arise in relation to the company’s tax affairs. This is especially the case when the tax authorities issue notices or assessments and objections may need to be filed and meetings may need to be arranged accordingly with the tax authorities in order to agree the company’s tax affairs.
  • Advance tax rulings
    Advance tax ruling requests can be submitted to the Cyprus tax authorities for specific transactions.
  • Obtaining tax residence certificate
    Our firm can assist in obtaining tax residency certificate for a Cypriot tax resident company proving its Cypriot tax residence by submitting to the Cyprus tax authorities all the necessary documentation required and following up the issuance of the certificate.
  • Tax Payment management
    We can arrange payments of taxes on behalf of our clients.

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