Loans and Credit Facilities

WCS offers assistance in arranging loans and credit facilities to individuals and businesses from banks.

Banks require following information in order to examine a loan application:

a) Signed request submitted through an authorized introducer (WCS)
b) Legal documentation of the company (applicant)
c) The beneficial owner/s of the company
d) The line of business of the applicant
e) The affiliated companies (if any) of the applicant and their line of business

a) Loan amount required
b) What will be the purpose of the loan? (Breakdown of utilization of the loan)

a) Source of repayment of the loan
b) Instructions giving information regarding the loan requested, such as duration, repayment (i.e. monthly)
c) Economic results – audited accounts of the applicant (company) for the last three years
d) Financial information of the beneficial owner

a) Cash Collateral

  • Proof (statement) of existence of such deposit account
  • Name of company or person that will offer the security guarantee, which will be lien on a fixed deposit to secure the loan amount (110%). Please note that the above percentage refers to the cases were the loan and the security are in the same currency.

b) Bank Guarantee

  • What is the collateral used for the Bank Guarantee
  • Owner of Collateral (if other, relationship with beneficial owner)
  • Wording will require approval from bank’s Legal Department.

c) First Legal Mortgage of immovable property

  • in case the security will be mortgage of the immovable property, a copy of the title deed will be needed in order to proceed with the property valuation from an independent valuer.

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