Company Registration

To proceed with the registration of a company we will require the following information and documentation:

Company Name:

If you prefer your company to have a preset name, please provide us with 3 names of your preference to check availability.

Shelf companies are also available in some jurisdictions if you need a company immediately.

Shelf companies are regular companies and as such the same as companies to be incorporated, except that shelf companies have already been incorporated previously and are ready to engage in business immediately.

We can provide you with a list of shelf companies upon request. Please contact us.

Company Activity:

Resume of the company activity with sufficient information on the company, including information regarding main business activity, expected turnover, expected movements on the bank account etc.

Company Formation

All we require from you is successful completion of Due Diligence procedure and “Know Your Client” identification requirements.

Know Your Client procedure (KYC) mandates that companies who are active within the financial services sector must carry out due diligence on their clients to verify their identity of KYC Journey. All governments all over the world have imposed stringent laws and regulations such as Anti-money-laundering in depth analysis of the corporate structure so that you can know who you are working with and to ensure companies take a hard look at their business, partnerships and clients.

To incorporate a new company takes 2-8 weeks to complete depending on jurisdiction.

If you wish to receive further information on company formation please complete our Online Contact Form or in case you would like to use our services on incorporating a Company for you, please complete our Company Formation Questionnaire.