Account opening and Due Diligence

We provide an introduction and consultancy service and because of our knowledge of the bank requirements and the long established relationship with them, we guide you through the selection of the bank, selection of the account and the application process in order to satisfy your banking needs.

This means we supply you all necessary information, application forms, etc. which will be needed to open your bank account.

We proceed with the implementation of your request in the most cost effective and timely manner, reporting to you about the progress, and advise you once the job has been completed.

In cases where applicants are corporate bodies most banks would require identification documents and other information such as:

  • authenticated passport,
  • copy of a recent utility bill,
  • full set of corporate documents and certificate of good standing, purpose for which account is required,
  • expected annual account movement (number of transactions and turnover),
  • Company Applicant products / main activities / services and any additional information, like corporate web site, company and products brochure, company organizational chart, business plan, reference items, etc.
  • bank reference from the current banker.

Accounts are available in all major currencies, including Russian Rubbles, Swiss Francs, Sterling, US dollars and Euros opening of accounts and arranged in the shortest possible time, depending of course on the complexity of each case.

For further information on Account opening and Due Diligence please Contact us.